Site Information

Web Design Platform

Each Website is different. Any way you like it, I can create. An HTML/CSS based site OR a Drop and Drag platform (Wix, SquareSpace, Shopify). You choose the platform, I do the building. 

Length of Design

Depending on information given, I can create the site in three to six days. Don't have anything ready? No need to worry, I am able to provide photos, write up descriptions and logos (with a little help from my friends). 


Each website is different therefore so is the price! Depending on the needs of the site and how interactive it is, the price can fluctuate. Shoot me a message! Let me know what your thoughts/ideas are and we will get to talking to figure out the right price for you! 

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards


- Cash

Website Maintenance 

There are a couple ways we can go about this. Don't want to worry about fixing your site or coming back to change any information on it after it has been created and handed over to you? We can set up an annual or monthly fee that will allow you to contact me at any moment to change anything on your site! 

If maintenancing your site is something you would prefer to do yourself, I would reccommend to request drop and drag platform site. 


We all want to be at the very tip top of google! You want your site to be the very first link that users click when they search any topic in your area. With my help I can get you there. Not included in the site design package, but let me know if this is something you are interested in! 

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